Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Today we received new guidance from our bishop regarding suspension of worship and other activities. You can click on this sentence to read it. (But if you don’t want to, what you need to know is below.)

At St. Christopher’s, the following changes are going to be implemented based on the bishop’s instructions. These expectations are intended to help slow the virus and reinforce the message that we need to stay home to protect those most vulnerable to it. 

1. All worship and other activities at St. Christopher’s will remain suspended until May 10. FISH food distributions will continue. This does mean that we will not worship together for Holy Week and Easter. We will have online services however.

2. With very rare exception, no one will be in the building other than maintenance checks and to pick up mail. If you think you need to come to the building for some reason, you must check with one of the wardens (Jane Brewer or Bill White) or Fr. Michael, first. 

3. Any group needing to meet should make arrangements to have a phone or video conference. The diocese uses a platform called Zoom for video conferences. It is not that hard to use, and Fr. Michael has an account already owing to his diocesan position. We will have practice sessions for Zoom so that anyone can try it before using it to gather remotely.

4. Eventually we’ll return to having bible study using Zoom. (But Fr. Michael needs a moment to get organized…)

5. We’re also going to set up a phone tree so that every household gets checked on regularly and prayer requests and other needs are shared. I’ve already asked a few folks to help me get this set up, and hopefully phone calls will start later this week. 

This last bit is awkward, so please forgive us if you find it insensitive. The coming weeks and months will be a challenge for all of us, and we’re not asking anyone to make extraordinary sacrifices. But please remember that we still have a staff who need to paid and utility bills, insurance, and a mortgage that need to be kept current. Please remember to honor your pledge or to maintain your usual giving – if you can. Many people have or will lose work in the current environment, and no one should have to make that choice. If you can continue to support the church financially, please do so, with our most heartfelt gratitude. 

(This letter will be mailed to those who receive the Trumpeter via US Mail.)

Please feel free to ask questions of the wardens or Fr. Michael. We are thankful for your support in these most interesting times. Please keep yourselves safe, remember to pray, and love those around you.


Jane Brewer, Senior Warden, and Fr. Michael