Brothers and Sisters:

Our world is a pretty frightening place these days.  So much is happening that it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals, the foundation of good Christian ethics and morals.  Every decision we adults make is based upon those cardinal teachings we learned from our family, from our church and from all the other people who make up our world view.

Sunday school was an important part of my life as I know it was for many of you.   Along with the education brought to us by our public and private school systems, we learned about love, mercy, grace, sharing, cooperation, forgiveness, equality, reverence and decency from hearing the stories of our sacred scripture.  It is not the responsibility, nor should it be, of the public school system to teach morals and ethics.

So often I hear “he just never learned right from wrong.”   While our understanding of societal norms change, there are ageless lessons from such stories as Jacob and Esau,  Noah and the Ark,  Naomi and Ruth, David and countless others that will be left in a leather bound book on a shelf unless we open that book and tell those stories.  These are living stories that need to be kept alive in the minds and hearts of our kids.

I would like to see us return to a full Sunday School (Christian Education, Christian Formation) next month.  We have children, we have a new curriculum, we have the space and we have the opportunity.  We lack one thing… lay adult leadership.   We need someone to step-up and answer God’s call so that our children can hear and receive this teaching.  We need adults to take on at least one class, one hour for one Sunday a month to tell our children about Jesus and what it means to be loved by him, and to love like him.

Starting on September 10, 2017 we have a new Sunday morning schedule.  While our service times remain unchanged, the Executive Committee of the Vestry has recommended and I have agreed to move our coffee hour from after the 10:15 service to between our two services.   Sunday school will begin at 10:00 and last until the children rejoin their parents in the nave during the sharing of the peace.  The adult class will meet following the 10:15 service.

This is a big change, no question about that.  The purpose is clear…it is all about our kids, it always has been and it should be.  We believe that this new schedule will pull together the people from our two services, provide an opportunity for fellowship and make it possible for parents with children to relax a moment before church.

If you would like to sign-up to host our new coffee hour (fellowship) time, please call the office, or sign-up on the kiosk.

There will be no coffee hour or Christian Formation (adults or children) on September 3.

If you feel called to be a part of the ministry of keeping the stories of the Bible alive for our children, please call me.

Please…please pray about this.

*Pray that we may find a leader (or maybe two people who will share the position) for our new Sunday school program.

*Pray that we may find teachers and assistants willing to give an hour or so a month for our kids.

*Pray that people at the 8:00 service will stay a little longer and enjoy some fellowship and meet people who attend the 10:15 service as they arrive a little earlier.

As your priest, I honestly need your help…but more importantly, our children and our future depend on it.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Don