On this day before Thanksgiving  I am thankful for so much.   As I think about our beautiful service last evening, I am truly thankful for this community and the good people of Grand Blanc and the whole area.  I am thankful for my brother and sister clergy and the work they do to minister in the strong name of Christ.  I am thankful for the willingness of people to share their talents in singing, playing, reading, cooking, welcoming and being present.

In the last edition of our newsletter I talked about my proclivity as a worrier.  That is true.  In the middle of all the things that worry me, I am thankful.  I am thankful for all the members of our parish family, those whom I have met and those I hope to meet.   I am thankful for all those who have made a pledge for 2018 as your love and commitment to our parish makes everything we do possible.  I pray for those who may either decide not to pledge, are withholding their pledge, who think they do not care anymore, or who just haven’t yet.  Please remember that your pledge is more than a momentary part of your relationship with God.

I am thankful for our new Sunday school program and for children that delight us and bring joy to our lives.  The Holidays remind all of us of being a child and I am so very pleased that St. Christopher’s is returning to its status as a leader for Christian Education both for youth and adults.

I am thankful for our organ that after all these frustrating years and lots of hard earned money it sounds again, and it sounds wonderful.

I am thankful for the staff of our parish:  Elizabeth, Nada, Greg, Matthew, Michael our Seminarian and our Sexton Stephanie.  You folks are the best and make my work with you much easier.

I am thankful for Marcie, Wrigley, Lollers and our new home.  We are established and seated here in Grand Blanc and that is so much better than the transient life.  It may sound silly to be thankful for our pets, but they add so much love to our lives and are such a part of our family I dare not leave them out.

I am most thankful to God who through unfailing love is with us in everything we attempt to do.

As I end this long note, I am thankful to each of you.  Thank you for attending our services week-in and week-out.  Thank you for putting your church ahead of all the other things that try to get our attention.  Thank you for your kind words and helpful criticism; for agreeing and disagreeing and for making us stronger with your presence.  We are in so many ways interdependent, we need each other and on this day when we gather to give thanks, let us always remember how important we truly are to each other.  The best way to do this is simply to follow Christ’s commandment to love one another as he loves us.

Happy Thanksgiving!