March 25,2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

My hope is that you are all doing well. I’m sure that we are all praying for the pandemic to be under control and that we might return in full to worship. It will come, so hang in there!

We have had outdoor worship twice now. The first Sunday was very windy and very cold. We made it through This past Sunday was not nearly as bad and we had more folks “brave the elements.” It is wonderful to finally see people in person rather than just on the phone, Facebook Live, or Zoom! What a joy it has been to see the excitement! You can even “see” it behind the mask. It has been such a holy experience finally being able to have a service with Holy Communion.
Beginning this Sunday, Palm Sunday, we will begin to gather for in-person worship INDOORS! It seems like such a long time but we are moving forward. For a while, we will only have the 10:00 am service as we will not be able to deep clean the church between services. It takes a lot of folks several hours to complete this task. So please be patient with us. We will continue to provide online services for those that do not feel comfortable or are unable to join us in person.

Your Vestry has been hard at work. We have a sub-committee preparing a plan for how we are going to have a larger presence in our community. We are looking at ways to increase the use of our building by our own parish activities as well as outreach. Currently, we are only providing “space” to FISH.

We have provided this space at no cost to FISH. We do not receive rental income from them for the use of our facility or utilities incurred. While FISH is most definitely a worthwhile cause, it is important for us to find ways that we as a church can provide services to our community. FISH is not St. Christopher’s and St. Christopher’s is not FISH. Providing space is not community outreach. It’s like providing a space for AA or the Scouts or any other organization. While we provide the space, it is not our outreach but theirs. If you have been in our building (which I realize that most of you have not), you will see that almost every classroom plus the entire parish hall has been utilized by FISH. In becoming a vibrant part of our community, we are going to need our space back. Barb has graciously agreed to vacate our facility by August 1st. She is currently looking for a space where they can move in. It will need to be a large space, between 10,000 and 15,000 square feet so that they can house all of their services under one roof. We wish FISH well and continue to pray for them on this new venture.

It is time for us as a congregation, as the living, breathing Body of Christ to be creative. It will take every single one of us offering not only our tithes, but our talents and our time if we are to make a significant impact on building the Kingdom of God here on earth. What are your gifts and what will your role be in moving us forward?

While we are living in challenging times, there is something that each and every one of us can do. The hope is that our parish building will become a bustling hub of activities throughout the week. We are trying to be very creative in the activities that will take place in our parish hall and our classrooms. Knitting clubs, Senior Citizen clubs, Youth activities and all kinds of other activities are in the mix. If you have an idea, please let me know or let one of our Vestry members know! No idea is too crazy and no idea is too big. If we are going to do something, let’s make sure that it is in line with who we are as followers of Christ. If we create something in love, we can’t go wrong.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am always ready to listen!

I pray that as we enter into this Holy Week and then the Easter season, you are richly blessed.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Jerry