News and Upcoming Events


The Venerable Linda Crane, the Archdeacon of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan will be our preacher this Sunday, December 17, 2017 the Third Sunday of Advent.   Linda was appointed by Bishop Ousley as the Archdeacon two-years ago.  She normally serves as the Deacon at Grace Episcopal Church in Port Huron, Michigan.  Linda brings the concerns of the Deacons to the Bishop, and is the Bishop’s representative among the Deacons of the Diocese.   Have you ever felt the call to be ordained a Deacon?  This is an opportunity to visit with Linda and find out what that means.


The Adult Education Class will  meet this Sunday. Our focus will be on the collects of this wonderful season of expectation.  These simple prayers follow an exacting form and in some cases are centuries old.  We hear them every Sunday, but they are truly beautiful artistic expressions of our faith during Advent.  Come, learn, pray and be filled with the joy of Anglican Worship.  After this coming Sunday, Adult Education will take a little break and will meet again on February 4, 2018.


The Third Sunday of Advent is also called “Rose” or “gaudete” Sunday.  The word gaudete means “to rejoyce” and vestments of a rose or pink color are worn in many churches.  When Advent was throught to be a totally penitential Sunday, the pink candle was a relief from the dark penitential season.


Our Sunday School program is going at full steam with new lessons each week matching the Sunday scripture readings.  Children are welcome (no matter if they have or have not ever attended before) to join in the fun at 10:00 am each Sunday morning.   The children re-join their parents at the peace during the service.   Sunday school will not be held, due to the time change of the service, on December 24 and 31.

Prepare to be dazzled when you walk into the narthex (Gathering Space) the next time.

Happy Advent everyone!