There are times when your church, and your priest have a responsibility to speak clearly and pointedly about events in our world.  I, for one, believe that people expect the church to be both a comfort and a clear voice in difficult times knowing full well that the comfortable may be afflicted while the afflicted are being comforted.

While the state has a responsibility to uphold the founding truth of free speech, assembly and along with that expression, the church cannot and should not raise evil to the level of option, or show extremism to be anything more than an evil cancer burrowing its provocative justifications into the very souls of God’s people.

There is no place in Christianity for white supremacy, there is no place among the followers of Christ for the KKK and neo-Nazism.  Although thousands of miles away, I join my brother and sister clergy in Charlottesville, standing arm-in-arm that this kind of assault pointed at the very foundations of our faith cannot take place and be “one of many” options.

Love is the only thing that can conquer hate.  Grace is the only holy response.  Not force, or bullying or name calling, violence or pride.  It is not about our differences it is not about colors or lack thereof, it is not about language or anything else imaginable whereby one person may get the perverted idea that God loves them more than God loves all of us.   We must love, no matter the depth of our aversion.  Our call, our commandment from our Lord has not changed… “love, one another.”

Please join me in prayer this week about the times in which we live.