Greetings in the name of Jesus, the Christ, the Savior!

Based on guidance from our bishop and other trusted officials and experts, the Vestry has decided to make the following changes, effective immediately and lasting at least until April 4:

1. We will not gather for worship, on Sundays or other days. Instead, drawing upon the richness of our Anglican heritage and using the tools of the present day, we will offer Morning Prayer on Sundays at the usual times via Facebook Live. More information about that is coming soon.

2. Wednesday afternoon and evening activities will be suspended. This includes handbell choir rehearsal, Wednesday evening Eucharist, Soup Supper, Wednesdays with Jesus, and adult choir rehearsals. 

3. Based on guidance from the health department, any activities taking place at the church involving the sharing of food must be catered; no ‘potluck’ or home-prepared meals or refreshments will be permitted.

4. Outside groups (such as the choral groups which gather in our building) will be responsible for making their own decisions about whether to cancel.

The Vestry has been in conversation over the last 16 hours or so in order to make a timely decision. Our concern was not to give in to fear, because in Jesus Christ we have no reason to be fearful. We also know that science has blessed us with information that helps us take steps to guard the health of those who are vulnerable. The Vestry’s responsibility is to be good stewards of all the resources and people of our community, and in that light, supported with recommendations from our bishop, felt it appropriate to take these steps.

Please contact Fr. Michael or Liz for up-to-date information; if we don’t have the answer immediately, we promise to respond as quickly as we can, consulting with the Vestry or other leadership as needed. 

The early Christians had to gather in small groups to avoid persecution; it is not unlike us to gather in homes to pray together and give thanks to God for the life he makes possible through the power of Jesus Christ. We can continue to gather with each other in small groups. Observe good hygiene practices and keep up your spirits. God is with God’s people in the desert, in the valley of the shadow, in the loneliest places. God is with us now, and we are God’s people, now and always. 

May God’s peace quiet your mind and comfort your heart,