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St Christopher's Episcopal Church shared Camp Chickagami's Camp Chick Talent Show. ... See MoreSee Less

These campers are SO TALENTED that we just needed to show off a little.

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Annndddd.... here is the staff of Camp Chick! These are the people that make camp so much fun for the kiddos! ... See MoreSee Less

Every year we say we have the best camp counselors in Michigan and every year we mean it. Meet our 2016 super star camp staff!

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Wow! Thank you everyone for the love I felt on Sunday! I was surprised by the party, the cards and well wishes! I am so thankful God has put all of you in my life! I am so deeply sad to be leaving St. Christopher's but I know so many of you will step up and take on volunteer roles to support the families and children of St. Christopher's. Thank you again!

💜 Ashley
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What a week it has been! VBS started on Monday, I can't believe it's Thursday already!

On Monday, we focused on Our Special Gifts. We will met Meg, Charles Wallace, Calvin, Mrs. Murry, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit. We played games and engaged the children in activities that explored the special gifts and abilities that God has given us. We learned about Joseph and the gifts God gave to him.

On Tuesday, we focused on Following the Footsteps of Saints. We will meet Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which and the Happy Medium. Today was a special day as we also traveled to Uriel. We learned about the saints who have gone before us and what their lives have to teach us.

On Wednesday we Dared To Be Different. We visited Camazotz and met the Prime Coordinator. We discovered how our differences shape us and make us special. We also learned the bible story about Daniel and his friends who dared to be different.

On Thursday, Foolishness, Faith, Free Will and the power of love is our focus. We will meet Meg’s Dad and Aunt Beast. We will learn about the free will God has given us, the purpose to which he calls us, and the power of faith. We will hear about the Israelites in the desert and how their faith was tested and rewarded. Through yoga, we will learn to pray with our whole body. We will also engage in our own battle with IT; affirm the power of love, courage and self- sacrifice and the strengths that our differences give us. We will celebrate God’s unconditional love for us and explore ways to follow God’s commandment to love one another as He loves us.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make VBS 2016 a HUGE success!
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