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Does the church have a rank structure?

Well.... yes and oh no.

Tomorrow, I will give you something to think about when it comes to the words of Jesus concerning who outranks whom.

In our adult formation class we will be talking about the idea of "spirit world." Does such a world include demons, ghosts and other creepy things or just angels? What does it mean to be "spiritual but not religious?"

I know it is summer and there are a thousand reasons for staying in bed, or doing other things... yet I hope you will consider Church. Of all the places you might go and things you might do, there is no place where your presence will mean any more than with your church family.

See you soon,

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Adult Formation Steps out in Awe

The adult formation class which meets with Fr. Don from 9:00-9:50 on Sunday mornings has selected their summer reading. "Days of Awe and Wonder" by the late Marcus Borg

Showcasing some of his most enduring and insightful writings, including many previously unpublished works, a concise and illuminating introduction to Marcus J. Borg, the late spokesman for progressive Christianity and one of the most revered and influential theologians of our time.

In his acclaimed books, including classics such as Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The Heart of Christianity, Speaking Christian, and Convictions, Marcus J. Borg helped shape an enlightened modernist view of Christianity. A leading scholar of the historical Jesus acclaimed for his ability to speak about Christianity in the context of contemporary society, Borg offered profound wisdom and inspiration—a new way of seeing and living the Christian life—for believers, students, and lay readers. Ultimately, he taught us that by developing a deeper understanding of Jesus and the New Testament, we can discover a more authentic way of being. Yet Borg himself was always conscious of a greater truth beyond what he could explain: the wonder of God.

Now, two years after the liberal theologian’s death, comes The Days of Awe and Wonder, a selection of his writing, including many never before published works, that explores the Christian faith and what it means to be a Christian in the twenty-first century. Provocative and uplifting, this anthology illuminates Borg’s explorations of the miraculous and wonderful, his understanding of conviction and fulfillment, and his contention that we must keep an open mind and question assumptions and certainties in all our religious journeys. (Description anon)

A limited number of books are for sale in the office at $20.00 per book. You may also borrow the book and bring it back to the office. The book is also available at Barnes and Noble or on-line from Amazon.

The study will begin June 18, 2017.
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