In the Episcopal Church the “Vestry” is the Church Board with unique characteristics.  The Vestry has three major functions in addition to oversight of the operation of the parish:

  1.  The Vestry takes care of the building and grounds making sure that the building is maintained properly.
  2.  The Vestry has responsibility for all the finances of the parish.
  3.  The Vestry with the consent of the Bishop, elects the Rector when there is a vacancy.

Current Vestry Members:

Frank Burger       Senior Warden    2023

Steve Huber        Junior Warden  2024

Bill Thewalt    Clerk of the Vestry  2025

Bobbie Walton    Treasurer  2024

Kenneth Duck    2023

Flo Gjerstad  2024

Ellen Safley 2025

Colleen Shrank 2025

Kay Van Natta 2023